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But he is helping to organize the process to distribute that money as a member of the committee to identify needs.

Indeed, his own church has been helping to meet community needs for years with a mentoring and tutoring program and a summer enrichment program. He will not discuss the possibility of his church using some of the money to expand programs. ''It's up to the residents,'' he said. ''We want to hear what the people want. I'm not going to assume I know the needs.''

Eastside is not without services now:

  • Ninth Street Baptist Church has a strong mentoring and after-school tutoring program.
  • The Salvation Army at 1806 Scott St. is planning to open an after-school tutoring and mentoring program this fall. The agency also distributes free government food and has limited help available for paying utility bills.
  • The Northern Kentucky Community Center continues to offer day care.
  • Welcome House runs a family self-sufficiency program in Eastside that is open to all Northern Kentucky families. The 20 apartments are filled.
  • The city of Covington runs recreation programs and sports leagues, and the Covington Housing Authority runs a boxing program.

But more is needed. ''I see lot of kids with nothing to do,'' said Capt. Todd Hughes of the Salvation Army. ''Drive down Scott Street at 10:30 at night. You would be amazed at how many kids are out running the street.''

Nelson Hospital's children's playground project faces a $30,000 funding shortfall but management is confident the money will turn up. claiming that they fear over-exposure due to earthquake losses. Professional Enact - Conveyancers Melbourne is the best available persons to make changes in the title of the property with a lowest fess. The legislative priority of the property and casualty insurance industry in California for the past two years has been state relief from earthquake exposure, contend the consumer groups.

'Still, with 30-year rates around eight percent, consumer confidence up and strong economic growth, home sales should continue at a good pace. Many consumer groups have opposed the CEA proposal as an effort to shift the liability for earthquake loss from private insurance companies to policyholders and taxpayers. And the strike's financial impact will linger, Mullin said. He warned Wall Street analysts that the strike will reduce Delta's 2001 profits by another $200 million -- $125 million in the third quarter and $75 million in the fourth quarter. Comair resumed operations on July 2 but is only offering 236 daily flights to 71 cities, compared to the 811 flights to 96 cities it operated before the strike began March 26. Mullin said the cost of fare sales necessary to lure passengers back to Comair, retraining of its pilots and other ramp-up expenses will contribute to the continuing losses.