The GSA notified the building owner, but apparently did not notify the city, he said. "I can understand that the city is upset, that it counted on those people being there. But I wish the city would look at the bigger picture. The bottom line is there are more people working in Covington this year than were here this time last year. They're all paying Covington taxes and Kenton County taxes.'' He said the decision to move people was simply good business and good use to taxpayers' money. "Part of what we're trying to do is reduce costs and leasing more buildings is expensive. Putting more folks in a large building for smaller costs is what the government wants us to do and what taxpayers want us to do.'' Miller said the employee shuffle in Northern Kentucky was prompted by the agency's new local direction, but that no more changes are on the immediate horizon. The local center is processing and serving small businesses and self-employed taxpayers in the eastern half of the United States.

Local IRS workers also do paperwork for auditors, keep files, compile economic statistics and research returns filed by people whose former spouses filed returns with conflicting information. The local reorganization leaves the IRS with more than 5,000 employees in Northern Kentucky. Conveyancers will solve all your problems that you face during the process of property conveyacing transaction. Our Conveyancers will do this all process for you in affordable prices. That includes an estimated 2,500 people — many of them seasonal employees — at the Service Center on Fourth Street in Covington; 1,200 at Gateway Center in Covington; 800 at Gateway Center West in Covington and 600 in Florence. Century 21 will soon offer its home listings on the World Wide Web, Inman News Features has learned. It is readying a roll out for later this week that will include agent Web sites and home listings and will be connected to the Century 21 real estate area on America Online.

State officials and insurance industry representatives couldn't be reached for comment.To service the venture, Santa Monica-based ListingLink has been selected as a "preferred supplier" of Internet The Nelson District Health Board has to fundraise to build the playground. The service will include an automated system for uploading home listings. For $169, agents get a Web page and unlimited listings with up to six photos. Numerous upgrades are available. Buying a cooperative is similar to buying a condo. In both cases you share ownership with a community of homeowners. But, there is a very important difference between the two types of ownership.

With a condo, you own the interior of your unit; but you share ownership of the common areas with the other co- owners. With a cooperative, you buy shares of stock in a corporation and the corporation leases your individual dwelling unit to you. As a cooperative owner, you are simultaneously an owner, a landlord and a tenant. because the $35.4 million worth of government money provided for the hospital's redevelopment is being spent on clinical facilities.